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Dear Friends:
My show with Thames Fine Arts & Framing in Frederick, Maryland, was wonderful in spite of the cold, damp weather.  My daughter Patty and I arrived Friday afternoon and were treated to a tour of the historic Evangelical Lutheran Church, which is the subject of my new print edition Frederick’s Twin Spires.  I am very honored that the original painting will hang in the church.

Church Board member Charles Trunk, III, and I admiring the painting of the church.  Charles was instrumental in the Church’s procurement of the painting.

The church itself is lovely but so are its people.  There are a total of four pastors, including Senior Pastor David Oravec, and the members we met are so supportive of the Church and one another.  I would like to say thank you to whomever made the outstanding homemade chocolate truffles that were served during the tea after our tour!
Senior Pastor Dave showed us around the church, and it was a joy to meet him and get to know him a bit.  He is a chaplain with the Navy Reserves and has recently served in Iraq.  I sensed that his experience as a military chaplain has enhanced his ability to minister to his civilian congregation and has given him a unique perspective on what is important in life.

L. to R.:  Church Board member Charles Trunk, III; me; Senior Pastor David Oravec; Pastor David Albertson; and Jon Thames of Thames Fine Arts & Framing.

Along with the church, Patty and I got to see their recently renovated building for the Church’s Sunday School and preschool program.  Jon Thames, owner of Thames Fine Arts & Framing, will donate ten percent of his sales of Frederick’s Twin Spires through Christmas to the Church’s Wee Folk Program, which is their preschool program that is open to members and non-members alike.  It felt good to see how funds raised with my art are being used to help others, especially children.

I love my visits to Frederick and my good friend Jon at Thames Fine Arts & Framing.

This weekend I’ll be in Ottumwa, Iowa, with my friends at M & J Art & Frame Gallery.  Gallery owner Bill Abigt and I will debut my new print Ottumwa High School, which features Ottumwa’s beloved high school built almost a century ago.  It has undergone many renovations and additions through the years, but its most recent update was a restoration of the school’s magnificent steps.

Ottumwa High School will be released during my show with M & J Art & Frame Gallery November 16-17.  For more information, please contact the gallery at 641-682-0434.

Bill has been representing my work in Ottumwa for many years, and I have such happy memories of my visits there.  It was in Ottumwa in 1988 that the Charles Kuralt show came and followed me around.  That’s also when Charles Kuralt named me “the people’s artist.”  I remember those days well:  the balloons going up in front of the Troy Academy, the Town closing part of the main street, and the gallery putting up a big tent because of all the people who came.  It was such fun!
For many years I have been making my own Christmas cards to send out, but this year I have decided to do something different.  Last year I made an anonymous donation to a local community via an advocate in the school system.  The money was used to help families in real need with the basic necessities of life.  This year I want to be able to do more; so, instead of designing and printing my own cards, I will be including an equivalent amount of money in this year’s donation.  I hope those of you who are on my card list won’t be too disappointed but will understand my desire to help those who are in true need of things you and I take for granted, like heat, coats, and food.

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