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Dear Friends:

What a whirlwind weekend I've had! Three shows in four days! It was a blast and so much fun staying at three wonderful Bed & Breakfasts. Well, one B & B was actually not a B & B at all but the home of a friend. Sally and Bill Gobrecht, who live in Hanover, Pennsylvania, invited my daughter Patty and me to spend the night with them after Martin's Gallery's show Thursday night. Their hospitality was so warm it was like being in my own home.

Thursday evening's show at Martin's Gallery was like cramming four months into just four hours. It was wonderful seeing so many people, but I was kept so busy I didn't have time to take everything in. If I fail to send a proper thank-you to anyone, please know that I'm truly grateful.

Jane Hunter is seen here with Pat (and the original watercolor Jane) at Martin's Gallery, Hanover, PA.

It was wonderful being in Intercourse, Pennsylvania, again and seeing all my friends at The People's Place Gallery. I was glad to be there both Friday and Saturday so I could spend some time soaking up the atmosphere. It was inspiring to see the Amish buggies again and a little girl on a scooter. I even saw a hot air balloon at 8:00 in the morning!

Sally Gobrecht, 2nd from left, attended the People's Place show representing the P. Buckley Moss Society and the Lake Marburg Chapter of the Society.

After People's Place's show Saturday evening, Patty and I drove down to Frederick, Maryland, to spend the night there prior to Sunday's show with Thames Fine Arts & Framing. Everything was beautiful: the weather, the gallery, the Hill House B & B, and the people! Frederick is so lovely this time of year.

While I was in Pennsylvania last Thursday, the P. Buckley Moss Museum in Waynesboro, Virginia, hosted 35 members of the Sanders Middle School Art Club. The students, three teachers, and five parents came from Manassas, Virginia, to attend an art workshop sponsored by the P. Buckley Moss Foundation for Children's Education. My daughter Ginny and Leslie Allen taught the students printing using Easy-Kut print blocks and crayon printing using sandpaper. I was told that the students created some truly wonderful artwork. They also enjoyed a tour of the Museum.

Pat's daughter Ginny Gabellieri (right) teaches the student members of the Sanders Middle School Art Club at the P. Buckley Moss Museum.

This weekend I'll be in St. Petersburg, Florida, for a show with The Finn Gallery. We'll be debuting not one but two new prints, Sunshine on the Bay and Harbor Watch. I'm looking forward to seeing my Florida friends!

Sunshine on the Bay (top) and Harbor Watch will be released at Finn Gallery, St. Petersburg, FL, this weekend. For more information, call (727) 894-2899.

I can hardly believe it's the middle of November already. After The Finn Gallery's show this weekend, I have five more gallery appearances scheduled. Thanksgiving weekend I'll be in Kalona, Iowa, for a Friday and Saturday show with Doris Greiner and her friends at The Village Shoppe. Thursday, December 1, I'll be at Medlin Art in Leesburg, Virginia. Friday, December 2, I'll be at Framing Art in Chester, Virginia. That evening, after Framing Art's show, I'll be at the Sheraton Park South Hotel in Richmond, Virginia, for a fundraising dinner for the Foundation. Saturday, December 3, I'll be at Lodan Fine Art & Framing, in Midlothian, Virginia. The following weekend, December 9-11, I'll be in Waynesboro, Virginia, for my December Barn Show and Christmas Open House. We'll be decorating the week of Thanksgiving. I'm really getting into the holiday spirit, and I'm looking forward to seeing so many of my "extended Moss family" at this special time of year.

Before leaving for the airport, I'll leave you with this last image of "the road."

Pat shares dessert with Randy and Ginny Myers at The Golden Lamb in Lebanon, OH. Pat says that one of the pleasures of being on the road is getting to share dessert with good friends. Randy is President of the P. Buckley Moss Foundation for Children's Education. The Foundation will be hosting Pat at a benefit dinner and auction in Richmond, VA on December 2nd. Tickets are available from the Foundation office. Call (540) 932-1728


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