Hello Everybody,

A week of ups and downs! Malcolm and I flew into Tampa Friday morning and immediately went to inspect the site that Tim has chosen for the new Moss gallery.

Those in the know say that the three most important considerations when choosing a retail site, in order of priority, are location, location, and location. I say the five most important are location, location, location, parking, and space. Tim has hit a home run.

Before traveling to Florida, Pat works in her Mathews studio.

Those of you who have visited St. Petersburg recently may have noticed the turn around of 4th Street North between 6th Avenue North and 16th Avenue North. Buildings that had suffered some thirty years of neglect and had been used for dubious purposes typical of that fate have been either torn down or renovated with imagination. As Beach Drive is in the process of becoming a concentration of upscale condominiums, 4th Street North between 6th Avenue North to 16th Avenue North is developing a village atmosphere with specialty shops and restaurants that are painted with bright colors and invite both shoppers and diners.

Tim's gallery will be on the corner of 10th Avenue North and opposite the renowned 4th Street Shrimp Store restaurant. I'm very happy for Tim, who expects to open The Finn Gallery before March.

Pat speaks to the Girl Scouts of the Suncoast Council.

On Friday evening we had an exclusive opening of my gallery for the benefit of the Girl Scouts of the Suncoast Council. As an honorary lifetime girl scout and the mother of a daughter (Mary) who is currently the leader of two girl scout troops and one boy scout troop, each containing one of her children, you can guess how high scouting rates with me and my family.

Later that night, Malcolm complained of an acute pain in his leg and took himself off to the hospital to get a pain pill, saying he would be back soon. He is still there. He admits it was his own fault because if he had read the instructions following his operation of ten days ago, he would have seen that, to avoid infection, a bath was strictly off limits. It's an expensive and painful way to learn but teaches us all to pay attention to our doctors.

Scouts honor.

I canceled our flights back to Mathews and instead have had three days of much laughter and fun with Joyce Wilson, who is known to those of you who have been traveling on our Society trips. Joyce and her late husband Bob were regular fellow travelers.

Joyce, having discovered a new fish restaurant, took me there on the first night. It was so good that I repeated the honor the following night. After two nights out, I stayed home last night and cooked lamb chops for Joyce and Katherine Anne.

It does us girls a lot of good to be able to swap stories about our husbands and how they immediately say "No!" to whatever we suggest and then end up doing it our way.

Restricted to lying on his back while the doctor awaits culture reports, Malcolm is unable to visit his e-mail, so if you have sent him a message and it needs an answer he suggests you send it to him again via Tricia Miles, our personal assistant, at tmiles@starband.net.

As you can see it has been a week of many good things but somewhat overshadowed by Malcolm's infection.

Love to you all,

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