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Dear Friends:

We've had lots of calls asking how we made out during last week's nor'easter in Mathews, Virginia. I'm relieved to say that we made out okay! The tide did come up quite a bit, but damage to Patty's and my houses was very minor and more of an inconvenience than anything else. We realize how blessed we are when we hear of those less fortunate who either have to replace flooded ductwork or have more extensive damage, with water actually coming inside their homes.

This was taken from my kitchen window, looking across Horn Harbor to my daughter Patty's house. You can see my dock under water. The tide actually got higher than this!

Patty and I set off on Friday morning for Leesburg, Virginia, and my show with Medlin Art, Ltd. The Virginia countryside up there is so lovely, and Patty and I were excited to have an opportunity to see historic Rokeby. It was built in 1757 by Charles Binns, II, the first Clerk of the Circuit Court of Loudoun County. During the War of 1812, with Washington, D.C., in flames, wagonloads of United States documents, including the Declaration of Independence, the Articles of Confederation, and the Constitution, among others, were brought to Rokeby for safekeeping.

This house is a national treasure, and I hope to paint it one day. Rokeby was used during the War of 1812 to keep national documents, including the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution, safe. They were kept in a vaulted room in the cellar that still exists today. Today, Rokeby is a private residence.

Medlin's collectors seemed to really enjoy my new giclée print Aldie Mill. The mill is a historic landmark in Loudoun County and well-known to the community. Collectors were eager to share its history with me and asked me great questions about my painting of it. Medlin does excellent framing, and Aldie Mill was shown to perfection.

I always feel like part of Medlin Art's family when I visit. They're all such good friends! L. to R.: Me, Patrick and Shirley Medlin (owners), Sandy Johnson (Shirley's sister), Sherry Reece, Cindy Cheng, and Stephen Scafidi.

This week I'm in Florida, enjoying the sunshine and warm weather in St. Petersburg. It feels wonderful to go walking with my "Streetwalker" friends again. I have a show with the Finn Gallery this weekend, and Tim Finn and I will release my new giclée print titled Still Waters, featuring manatees. I have a busy few days ahead of me; because, in addition to the show, I'll be speaking to a Rotary group in Belleair on Thursday and speaking to children and teachers at my home on Friday and Saturday, respectively.

Still Waters will be released as a giclée on paper during my show with the Finn Gallery in St. Petersburg, Fl., November 20-22.

I'll be in St. Pete until next Tuesday when I fly back to Virginia in time for Thanksgiving with my family in Waynesboro. I love stopping in at my Museum and hearing from visitors how much they enjoy it and my staff.

In my November 4 newsletter, I mentioned a villa that is for sale in Cortona, Italy, and showed a couple pictures of it. In a tongue-in-cheek manner, I joked about being tempted to buy it, and I was surprised to find out that at least one reader believed I was actually considering it. I would like to take this opportunity to clarify why I mentioned the villa in the newsletter and to let everyone know that I am absolutely not considering purchasing this property, breathtaking though it may be.

The reason why I included it in the newsletter is because I enjoy beautiful things, and my artistic eye is drawn to aesthetically attractive scenes and structures. I would like to paint the villa one day. My son-in-law Roberto Ghezzi, who lives in Cortona, is a real estate agent; and, because he knows my love of beauty, he often shares the treasures he comes across with me. This villa is truly a work of art in and of itself. It's hidden behind walls, and Roberto had no idea of its existence before now, even though he has lived there his whole life. Property like that is very rare in Cortona, because nearly all the buildings are built very close together. It's an old Etruscan town. I also included the villa in the newsletter because I often hear from collectors who don't get to travel much that they enjoy seeing pictures of my travels. In a way, the newsletter is their window to the world.


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