Dear Friends:

It was so good to be showing with Framecraft in Warrenton, Virginia, again.  I love their excitement about framing and how beautifully they do it.  There’s nothing nicer for an artist than to see a piece of her work framed beautifully and properly.  Mark and Meleana Moore and their two assistants Chelsea and Gabrielle were a delight to work with this past weekend, as were Shirley Collins and Cheryl Marsh of Pat’s Blue Goose Chapter of the P. Buckley Moss Society.  Shirley, who is the chapter president, and Cheryl helped with the show and sold raffle tickets to raise money to help with the medical expenses of a sick child.  The Pat’s Blue Goose Chapter chooses a different child every year to help in this way.

L. to R.:  me; Adrienne Garreau, Board of Directors, Turn the Mill Around Campaign; and Frances Allshouse, Executive Director, Turn the Mill Around Campaign.  The Turn the Mill Around Campaign is a non-profit 501c3 organization which operates the Chapman-Beverley Mill, with a mission of preserving it.
  Chapman Mill was one of three new prints released during my show with Framecraft last Saturday, along with Warrenton Train Depot and Waterloo Bridge.

Cheryl Marsh of Pat’s Blue Goose Chapter not only volunteered to help with the show and represent the Society but also purchased the original of
Warrenton Train Depot.

L. to R.:  my daughter Becky, me, Sandy Boone, and two dear friends.  Sandy is my children’s stepsister.  It was so nice to see her at the show and meet her friends.

I’ve been down on the Chesapeake Bay since Sunday and so happy to be back to see the beautiful creek and the Bay.  There are beautiful plants that are still growing—a lot of things stay alive down here on the Bay during the winter.  I love a long growing season.  As much as I love it here, I am looking forward to returning to my studio in the mountains in Radford.  I miss working when I’m away.  When I return this Tuesday, I’ll continue to work on my new painting for Blue Ridge Public Television, which features McAfee Knob.  McAfee Knob is a feature on Catawba Mountain on Virginia’s Appalachian Trail.  We’ll debut the print on live TV on December 1.  My girls will be there, too, helping to answer the pledge phones.

In the meantime, I’ll be showing with Up Against the Wall in Kingsport, Tennessee, this weekend, sharing in the excitement of the release of my new print featuring Kingsport’s Farmer’s Market and the building that houses the carousel.  Life is good, especially when you love your work.

Kingsport Farmer’s Market will be released during my show with Up Against the Wall in Kingsport, TN, November 20-21.  For more information, please contact the gallery at 423-246-7210.


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