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Dear Friends:

It’s great to be back in Florida and walking every morning with my friends “The Streetwalkers.” The exercise is making me feel really good. Cooler temperatures followed me to Florida; and, while sixty degrees doesn’t seem cold to me, it is to some of my friends. But, I’m loving it!

St. Petersburg is getting ready for the holidays, and everything is looking lovely. The reindeer are up in the park across the street from my house, and there’s a Christmas tree, too. All I need do is open my curtains to see them.

Friday morning I had the most delightful visit from students at F.W. Springstead High School in Brooksville. There were two classes of students whose native language is Spanish, and they are learning how to speak and read English. They were accompanied by their teachers Susan Mahon and Karen Wilcox. They were great to be with and asked lots of good questions. After visiting at my house, we all went over to The Finn Gallery to see its large display of my work. Gallery owner Tim Finn did an excellent job of answering questions and entertaining the students.

The Finn Gallery’s show was tons of fun, and lots of good friends came. This year’s Christmas print And There Were Angels was a big hit, and I spent hours all three days signing prints and ornaments.

And There Were Angels, this year's Christmas print, is available now from your local Moss gallery.

Even though I’ve been so busy since my arrival here, I’ve managed to see two movies with friends. One night we saw The Queen, and another night we saw the new James Bond movie. My favorite of the two was the James Bond movie. I’ve never been so nervous watching a movie in my whole life; but, it was really good, and I love the new James Bond actor.

This year's ornaments, from the top:
Scarlet Splendor
Bright Eyes
A Child is Born

Tuesday, I’m flying back to Virginia to have Thanksgiving with about half of my family. I’ve already bought pearl onions and turnips to take with me. My daughter Mary loves creamed pearl onions, and the turnips are for me. Everyone will cook something. My daughters Mary and Ginny and their families and my youngest son Chris and his family will be there.

Wishing you the happiest of Thanksgivings!


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