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Dear Friends:

I experienced another great homecoming this past weekend at Martin’s Gallery in Hanover, Pennsylvania.  It was fun working with the gallery and talking with friends old and new.  Several people who went on the Italy tour with me were there, too.  My daughter Ginny went with me to share in the driving, and she commented on how warm and friendly and easy to be with everyone was.

The gallery was beautifully decorated and very well stocked.  Hats off to Les, Pat, TJ and Adam Martin for their exquisite framing, attention to detail, and exceptional customer service!

Martin's Gallery, beautiful and pristine, before the crowds descend.

I want to thank the Lake Marburg Moss Chapter (based in Hanover) of the P. Buckley Moss Society for its donation to the P. Buckley Moss Foundation for Children’s Education.  The Chapter held a “Bingo for Moss” on October 31 and raised $4,100.00!  The proceeds were divided equally ($2,050.00 each) between the Foundation and the Martin’s Gallery Scholarship Fund.  The gallery’s scholarship provides $2,000.00 annually to two local students.  One is for a high school senior with some type of disability, either learning or physical, and one is for either a high school senior or current college student who is planning to work with learning different students.

Congratulations to the Lake Marburg Moss Chapter for raising more than $68,000.00 for charity since it was first chartered in October, 1988!  What an accomplishment!  It shows what can be done for one another when people care.

Pat is presented with a check from the Lake Marburg Chapter of the Society in the amount of $2,050 for The P. Buckley Moss Foundation for Children's Education. Left to Right: Pat Martin, Joyce Zimmerman (Chapter Treasurer), Pat and Sally Gobrecht (Chapter President).

On the way back from Hanover, Ginny and I drove through Harpers Ferry, West Virginia.  We were impressed with the town’s historic charm, and I’m happy with my painting of the town that will make its debut at the Barn Show the weekend of December 3-5.

Pat's painting of Harper's Ferry, WV, to be released as a print at the Barn Show, December 3-5

This coming weekend I will be in St. Petersburg, Florida, for a show at The Finn Gallery*.  But first, I’m spending Thanksgiving in Waynesboro with my Virginia children:  daughter Mary and her family, daughter Ginny and her family, and son John and his friend Maureen—twelve of us in all at The Barn for dinner Thursday!

Best wishes for a happy and safe Thanksgiving weekend!


*For more information about Pat's show in St. Petersburg, contact Tim Finn, Finn Gallery, (800) 284-6677.

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