Happy Thanksgiving!

I am writing from Mathews, where I have been signing many special signature orders. Those of you who have been waiting for personalized prints won’t have much longer to wait now.

Pat personalizes prints to fill Christmas orders.

I hated to leave Malcolm at the rehabilitation center in Florida, but he assured me that he would be fine and that I really needed to get back here and “take care of business.” Malcolm has to stay at the rehab center for several weeks and receive physical therapy on his leg, which means he will miss seeing everyone at our December Barn Show the weekend of December 5th-7th. He has asked me to let everyone know how much he appreciates all your cards, flowers, phone calls, and e-mails wishing him a speedy recovery.

Malcolm thanks everyone for all the get well wishes.

On Monday I had the pleasure of having two nearby dealers visit me to have their show orders signed. Jeanette Godfrey and Stacy Yost of The Framery drove up from Newport News, Virginia, and Michael and Margaret Moser of The Moser Gallery drove down from Fairfax, Virginia. The Mosers have been friends for more than twenty years, and I was delighted to find out that it was Margaret’s 79th birthday! We all sang Happy Birthday to her and even called Malcolm so he could join in.

Stacy Yost and Jeanette Godfrey of The Framery visit Pat for signing.

Michael Moser, Pat and Margaret Moser enjoyed being together on Margaret's 79th birthday.

Between the two dealers I signed a framed Warder Library print on the glass for the Women’s Club of Lancaster, Virginia. They will be raffling the print next spring to raise money to help restore a one-room schoolhouse in their area and also to benefit their local educational needs. The print was donated to them by the P. Buckley Moss Society, and their local Moss dealer Rappahannock Hang-Ups donated the framing. If you know of a non-profit group which supports the educational or health needs of children, please refer them to the Society office (540-943-5678). The Society staff will be happy to send the group a donation application form so they can apply for one of my prints to raffle or auction.

Mary Beth Nelson and Lyn Neira have a print signed for the Women's Club of Lancaster, Virginia.

I took a moment to visit the Mathews County Public Library and check out some books on tape. We are very fortunate in Mathews to have such a wonderful library with great volunteers and an extensive collection of both books and books on tape. I visit it every time I’m in town. I’m always able to find something that I haven’t listened to yet. The books on tape keep me company while I’m driving to Waynesboro and also in my studio while I work.

Mathews Memorial Library volunteer Betty Landerkin checks out Pat's books on tape selection.

I’ll be driving to Waynesboro Thursday morning to have Thanksgiving with my children and grandchildren. I plan to stay through the weekend and assist my dear friends Mary Jo Hopkins and Dot Hiter in decorating The Barn for the December Barn Show. Then I’ll be coming back to Mathews for more signing before heading back to Florida to check on Malcolm. As you know, I need to make sure he’s following doctor’s orders!


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