Dear Friends:

How wonderful it is to be with family!  Thanksgiving was a blessed day for all of us—laughing, cooking, eating, and enjoying one another.  We all gathered at my youngest daughter Ginny’s house in Waynesboro, Virginia.  My oldest daughter Mary is the mother of the family and did most of the cooking.  We had pumpkin pies, cranberry cakes, and peach tarts for dessert.  Mary’s husband Kerry cooked one turkey outside in the fryer, and Ginny’s husband Corrado cooked another one inside in the oven.  We also had all the usual trimmings.

The gang’s all here!  L. to R.:  Granddaughter Sarah, daughter Mary, me, daughter-in-law Maureen, daughter Ginny, granddaughter Kate, granddaughter Chiara, and son John (cleaning watercress at the sink).

L. to R.:  Granddaughter Kate, me, & son-in-law Corrado.  So many great cooks in this family!

The only ones not with us for Thanksgiving were my daughter Becky, who lives with her family in Cortona, Italy; my son Chris and his family, who live in New York; and my daughter Patty and her friend Mary, who spent Thanksgiving with Mary’s family in Colorado.

Patty and Mary couldn’t resist taking a picture of this sign they saw on their way to the airport.  What an attention-grabber!

After Thanksgiving, Mary and I went to her cottage at Claytor Lake for a couple days of quilting.  Mary is wonderful with the machine and great company.  We had such a good time together picking colors and coming up with designs.

This is my Christmas quilt that Mary and I worked on.  It will be on display at The Barn this weekend for my Museum Open House and Barn Show.

My Museum Open House and Barn Show is this coming weekend, and I can’t wait to see all the beautiful decorations at The Barn.  This year, students from Hugh K. Cassell Elementary School in Waynesboro have made ornaments for the Christmas tree, and we will have a special tree lighting ceremony for the students, their teachers, and their parents at 10:00 a.m. the morning of Saturday, December 3.  My daughter Ginny and her husband Corrado Gabellieri are working on decorating the tree with the children’s ornaments this week, and I’m looking forward to seeing the children’s faces when they see the huge tree with all their ornaments.  It’s going to be such fun!

Winter Tryst will be released during my December 2-4 Museum Open House and Barn Show in Waynesboro, VA.  For more information, please call the P. Buckley Moss Museum at 1-800-343-8643 or 540-949-6473.

After this weekend’s Open House at the Museum and Barn, I’m going to fly down to Kingsport, Tennessee, for a show with Mike and Lisa Anne Milhorn at Up Against the Wall.  We’ll release our second set in a series of prints and posters celebrating Bristol, Virginia/Tennessee’s, Rhythm and Roots Reunion.  Did you know that one side of the City of Bristol is in Virginia, and the other side is in Tennessee?  Same city, two states!

Jammin’ on Piedmont will be released as a giclée on paper along with a new poster titled Bristol Rhythm and Roots Reunion, Piedmont Stage during my show with Up Against the Wall in Kingsport, TN, on Tuesday, December 6.  For more information, please contact the gallery at 423-246-7210.

See you soon!



When I flew to Iowa a few weeks ago for my show with M & J Art & Frame Gallery in Ottumwa, I was picked up at the airport by dear friends Frank & Enola Neff.  Enola is pictured with me above.  We stopped at the A & W Root Beer Café for lunch—I just had to experience it!

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