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Dear Friends,

Mother/daughter consultation.
Mother and daughter consultation.

My two weeks of etching are coming to an end and before the little ones are awake in the morning, Becky will be driving me to Rome and the airport. I have had a truly productive time and also much joy from being with this family.

Granny's Joys.
Granny's joy.

Bakery goodies.
At the bottom of the stairs to Enza's apartment is a bakery. With 97 stairs to climb to Enza's front door, a reward for when we reach the top is sometimes justified.

History Lesson.
Reading history with Sophie while Michela takes a nap. In 217 BC, Hannibal hid his cavalry in the hills you see in the distance. When the Roman Army passed in the narrow plain between the hills and Lake Trasimeno, Hannibal attacked, destroying almost the entire army of 25,000 men. The house I am buying with Becky and Roberto is near where we were sitting.

Church of St. Nicholas.
San Nicholo (St. Nicholas), is the 15th century church where Becky and Roberto were married in August 1992. I painted this church and there is a print edition available.

Next weekend is the Christmas Barn Show in Waynesboro and then on Monday, I fly to St. Petersburg in the morning and attend a reception for the Sun Coast Girl Scouts in my gallery that evening. On Tuesday I will be at the gallery signing for collectors and then on Wednesday, Malcolm and I leave for Panama.

After two weeks of print-making, I will be ready to return to my watercolors.


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