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Dear Friends:
“It’s starting to look a lot like Christmas!”  My family and I started decorating The Barn, my home and studio in Waynesboro, Virginia, while we were there for Thanksgiving, and it’s going to look so good for the Barn Show and Museum Open House this weekend.

We all pitched in to decorate The Barn for Christmas—well, those of us who weren’t cooking for Thanksgiving at the time.  L. to R.:  Me, my daughter Patty, grandson Sean (Mary’s son), granddaughter Chiara (Ginny’s daughter), daughter Ginny, son-in-law Corrado (Ginny’s husband), and grandson Picco (Ginny’s son).

Winter Together will be released during the Barn Show and Museum Open House, December 5-7, 2008. This print will be available at your local Moss gallery or from The Moss Portfolio after December 7.

Thanksgiving was wonderful, with half of my children and their families present and phone calls and pictures sent via cell phone from the rest.  Feasting and decorating with me in Waynesboro were my daughter Mary Donnelly, her husband Kerry, and their children Kate, Sarah, and Sean; my daughter Ginny, her husband Corrado Gabellieri, and their children Picco and Chiara; and my daughter Patty Moss and her friend Mary Morgan.  Don’t forget the dogs!  They were there, too.  How wonderful it is to be my age and have a large family!  It was my children’s and grandchildren’s turn to do most of the cooking.  All I was asked to make was my mother’s recipe for creamed onions.  Many thanks to Ginny and Corrado for having the whole gang at their house!
Friday morning Patty and I were up bright and early and hit the road for Mechanicsburg, Pennsylvania, and my show with Jeffrey Van Boskirk and 2nd Floor Gallery.  The show was actually held at Jeff’s other gallery a street or two away, Gallerie 13.  Right across the street from Gallerie 13, the town was holding its annual Tree Lighting Ceremony Friday night.  We watched from the gallery windows, because it was quite cold outside, and it was so beautiful.  Mechanicsburg is a lovely place anyway, even when it isn’t decked out for the holidays.  Patty and I stayed at a wonderful bed and breakfast called the Orris House Inn, and we highly recommend it.
It was a joy to release my new giclée on canvas Carlisle Barracks at the show and to see the response of the people from the barracks who attended.  They were excited, and so was I.

Suzanne Reynolds, right, is the Community Relations Officer at Carlisle Barracks and also a member of the P. Buckley Moss Society.  She was at the barracks years ago when I went there for a dinner and a talk for the Officers’ Club.  Suzanne was so helpful in obtaining reference photos of the barracks for me to work from.  Thanks, Suzanne!

Darrell Westby, right, is a member of the local Rotary Club and brought his framed Peace Through Rotary Service in for me to sign for him.  It is always a joy to talk to Rotarians, who are wonderful, caring, giving volunteers.

On Friday, December 12, I’ll be on my way to Kingsport, Tennessee, for a show with my old friends Mike and Lisa Anne Milhorn at Up Against the Wall on Saturday.  I’ll be stopping in Bristol Friday at noon to do a live interview with WCYB-TV, Channel 5.  I hope those of you in the area will be able to tune in and see me on TV.  My show at Up Against the Wall will be held on Saturday, December 13, and we’ll release a new print and a new poster.

Tennessee Heritage will be released during my show with Up Against the Wall on Saturday, December 13.  The print depicts historic Exchange Place, which I’ve included in two other print editions.  I love the little dog chasing the chicken in this piece.  For more information on the print and the show, please contact the gallery at 423-246-7210.

The new Tennessee Poster features portions of the new Tennessee Heritage print and the Netherland Inn Revisited print plus The Doe River Bridge print.  The poster will also be released during my show with Up Against the Wall on December 13.

’Til next week…

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