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Dear Friends:

Today I'm writing to you from Waynesboro, Virginia, where we have snow on the ground! It's absolutely beautiful, and I hope there's still some around for this weekend's Barn Show. I'm really getting into the holiday spirit, and we've had so much fun decorating The Barn.

Maxine Chittum, Pat, Jimmy and Dot Hiter and Mary Jo Hopkins return to the Barn this year to decorate the tree before this weekend's show at the Museum.

I've created a special print edition that will be released this weekend titled Scarlet Splendor, which will go nicely with its mate Bright Eyes. I hope you'll like this festive little cardinal, which is holding a sprig of red berries in his beak.

Bright Eyes

Scarlet Splendor - Available on the web or from your dealer next week - call your dealer for details.

Also available from the P. Buckley Moss Museum this weekend and Moss dealers everywhere is my annual Christmas print A Child is Born.

A Child is Born, this year's Christmas print.

It was a joy to see so many of my friends at the three galleries I visited this past weekend, as well as at the P. Buckley Moss Foundation for Children's Education's fundraising dinner in Richmond, Virginia. Thank you, Medlin Art, Ltd.; Framing Art, Inc., Gallery; and Lodan Fine Art & Framing for giving me the opportunity to wish so many friends "Happy Holidays" in person!

Mutual admirers, Mark Levin and Pat, at Medlin Art, Leesburg, Virginia.

Pat signing at Framing Art, Inc. Gallery

The Foundation's fundraising dinner was loads of fun, and I was very happy that several of my family members were able to attend as well as many of my "extended Moss family." My daughters Becky, Patty, and Ginny were there as well as Patty's friend Mary and Ginny's husband Corrado and children Picco and Chiara. I was thrilled to see my dear friend Peter Rippe, who helped us get the Museum started and was its first director. Peter also wrote my biography Painting the Joy of the Soul. It was wonderful seeing him again and spending some time with him. It was also terrific to see my good friends from Richmond's Riverside School, who came out to support us.

Pat's First Love, the first fund-raising print for the P. Buckley Moss Foundation, is now available from your local Moss gallery. Please contact your gallery for details.

A total of $12,000.00 was raised for the Foundation. I wish to thank everyone who participated in and supported the event, with a special thanks to Foundation Executive Director Bob Almond; Program Coordinator Dell Philpott; President Randy Myers and wife Ginny; Beverley Mann, President of Moss on the James Chapter of the P. Buckley Moss Society; and many others too numerous to list for all their hard work in making the evening such a success. I would also like to thank Dan and Lois Marsho of Lodan Fine Art & Framing Gallery and John Ficor of The Beveled Edge for helping to organize and coordinate the event. Lois also put together the very nice gift bags that were given to each person there.

The Superintendent of Public Instruction's Proclamation recognizing Pat Moss for outstanding contributions to art education in the Commonwealth of Virginia. The award was presented by Dr. Patricia I. Wright, Deputy Supreintendent, Virginia Department of Education,(left); Mrs. Cherry Gardner, Fine Arts Specialist, Virginia Department of Education (next left) and Bob Almond, Exectuve Director of the P. Buckley Moss Foundation.

During the event I was most surprised and honored to be presented with the Superintendent of Public Instruction's proclamation recognizing me "for outstanding contributions to art education in the Commonwealth of Virginia." Even though I was named in the proclamation, I feel that it belongs to all of you, for without your support and caring for others none of it would be possible. Thank you for being the best "elves" ever!


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