Hello All,

I am writing to you from Mathews where I am having a major clear out of closets aided by daughter Becky. Becky is an ace decision maker. "Come on Mom, when did you last wear it? Let it go." Without her here I would err on the cautious side and put whatever it is back on the shelf for another year. With Becky making the decisions more will be on its way to the women's shelter.

Sophie the photographer may have missed her mom's head, but she caught the closet-cleaning fun!

I spent the weekend with Malcolm in St. Petersburg where I also signed for the gallery and attended the annual breakfast of our walking club, The Street Walkers. Oh yes and I walked with the Street Walkers early one morning.

The Snell Island Street Walkers.
Front row: Iris Salzer, Jackie Petersen and, Betty Jean Miller. Back row: Barbara Joule, Mary Joan Mann, Charlotte Kendall, Joyce Wilson, Pat, Mary Mellstrom and Mary Wyatt Allen.

Malcolm is doing fine, walking without a stick and he at least outwardly appears free of infection. His experience has been painful both physically and financially and I don't think he will disobey his doctors orders ever again. His St. Petersburg surgeon has said no to Panama until mid-January. I will be joining him again for Christmas after first celebrating at daughter Mary's in Radford, Virginia.

Father Christmas is scheduled to visit Mary's house on Sunday evening. Seven of my grandchildren will be there to meet him, along with some of their friends and of course me. The visit has become a family tradition and is a highlight for this granny who gets such a kick out seeing the little ones react with Father Christmas.

This coming Friday and Saturday I will be at the Museum from 12:00 noon until 3:00 pm for those of you wanting signatures who were unable to make it through the snow for the last Barn show.

I am enclosing a photo of cousins Clay and Madison Waterbury, grandchildren of Joe and Ellen Waterbury. Those of you who have been with us for a long time will recall that Joe and Ellen designed and built the magnificent dollhouse that graces the entrance to the bottom floor of the Museum. They also created a second Moss dollhouse that they used to take to conventions. The Waterburys live in Tama, Iowa, and Malcolm and I have stayed at their home on a number of occasions.

Madison and Clay Waterbury work on Pat's puzzle After School.

Ellen sent me this photo. It makes me happy to see children taking a break from computer and video games to challenge their minds to complete a peaceful image. I went Christmas shopping the other day with Sean, my Radford grandson, who steered me to the video games. I was able to persuade him to choose a car race game and not one that involved killing people. I am glad that jigsaws have had a revival of popularity. It is a healthy sign.

Christmas brings not only joy but also an awareness of the pain of those for whom it is a time of tragic memory. My thoughts and prayers go to the loved ones of our soldiers who have given their lives in Iraq and Afghanistan and to all for whom this time of festivity brings not joy but increased sadness. I know that you share these thoughts and join with me in asking God to give them comfort and ease their suffering.

I will write to you again on the day before Christmas Eve. Take care, travel safely and love one another.


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