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Hola from Panama,

This week started with a benefit evening for the Girl Scouts in my gallery in St. Petersburg, Florida. I am always happy to work with the Scouts which I joined in Staten Island as soon as I was old enough. About ten years ago I was made an honorary lifetime member and I treasure that award as much as any.

Girl Scout event in  St. Petersburg.
Sherry Betz and her granddaughter Hayley talk scouting with Pat.

Wednesday I flew to Panama City and did some Christmas shopping while waiting to fly on Thursday to this island of Bocas del Toro. Panama City is like a small Miami but with less crime. My hotel room faced part of the waterfront. It was restful to sit and watch an evening storm pass by while below the rush hour traffic started to build on Avenida Balboa, named after the Spanish explorer who was the first to cross from the Caribbean and set eyes on the Pacific.

Pat overlooking Panama City.
The view from Pat's hotel room in Panama City.

The next morning a one hour flight brought me to the island of Bocas and the seclusion of my studio.
Getting back to painting came easily and by today I had finished the image for the year 2003 Society Fledgling members print. This afternoon, I packed the painting and bicycled to the airport where I gave it a friend, Dave Carey, to carry back to the States. David was leaving for a ski holiday in Colardo and tomorrow he will pass the package to Federal Express and the painting will be on its way to the printer.

The Junior Members Print.
The 2003 print subject for the Society Fledgling members.

David Carey will serve as carrier.
At the island airport, giving David the painting to carry back to the States.

Next week, I will send you a photo of my studio and some of the pieces I am working on. Good luck with the last of your Christmas shopping. Mine is done!


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