Dear Friends:

I spent a wonderful weekend with “the family” in Columbus, Ohio.  The Borloglou-Campbell-Vatsures family, owners of Gallery Art Center, feel like my family.  I’ve been showing with them for over 32 years!  They are such a comfortable group of people and a pleasure to be with.  The gallery is lovely, and their framing is exciting.  Peter Vatsures couldn’t be a better escort.  When I’m in town, he picks me up from the airport and takes me back, drives me around, holds the door for me, shares dinner with me, and treats me like a princess.  Thank you, Suzi, Steve, Peter, Mary, and all for a lovely time—and how nice to have it right before Christmas.

Dinner with the Gallery Art Center family after the show on Saturday.  L. to R.:  Peter Vatsures, co-owner; me; Mary Borloglou, co-owner; Brent Bailey; Suzi & Steve Campbell, co-owners; and Eileen Rumley.

Friday night we had a fundraising dinner for The Cancer Support Community of Central Ohio.  It was such a pleasure to be with intelligent, caring people who know how to laugh and have fun.  The Cancer Support Community of Central Ohio is a wonderful concept.  Anyone can go there for exercise, moral support, or any other thing they might need, entirely free.  Cancer is a frightening thing and to have a facility and a support group that knows what it is all about and that can alleviate one’s fears has to be a blessing.  I wish I could be there for the exercise class every day.

L. to R.:  Me; Bev Soult, CEO of The Cancer Support Community of Central Ohio; and Suzi Campbell, co-owner of Gallery Art Center.

Last Wednesday I was in Madison, Wisconsin, for a pledge drive with Wisconsin Public Television.  Wisconsin is one cool state, or should I say, “cold.”  Madison is a beautiful city with lakes on either side of it, but I think I must have arrived at the coldest time of the year.  Wisconsin Public Television is a charming station that is affiliated with the University of Wisconsin-Madison.  We spent an hour raising funds.  For a donation, viewers received my new giclée Northern Sojourn, featuring the famous Wisconsin Sandhills Cranes.  For more information, please contact the station at 800-422-9707or 608-265-6722.  I hope they continue to do well.  As I’ve said before, public television is so important.

I’m home for the season now and time with my family.  I wish everyone a great holiday, and I’m saying a special prayer for our soldiers and all those in need.

Merry Christmas!



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