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Dear Friends:

I arrived in St. Petersburg, Florida, just in time for The Streetwalkers’ annual Christmas breakfast.  For those of you who don’t know, The Streetwalkers are my walking friends.  We normally have our Christmas breakfast at the home of Iris Selser, our only non-Christian member.  This year Iris is having her kitchen remodeled, so Mary Joan Mann volunteered to have it at her house.  In honor of all the years that Iris has hosted us, Mary Joan had a Menorah on the table.  We talked about what each candle means and how Hanukkah is a happy, friendly celebration, similar to our Fourth of July.  What makes it even more fun is that it lasts for eight days!  What a joy it was to be among caring and respectful people in the true spirit of Christmas and faith!

Pat (on the stairs, fifth from the left), with Mary Joan Mann (first left on the stairs) and the Snell Isle Streetwalkers at Mary Joan's house for their Christmas breakfast.

Even though it’s warm in Florida, everything is decorated for Christmas.  There’s a forty-foot lighted tree in the park across from my house, along with a sleigh, Santa Claus, and reindeer.  Tuesday morning I wore my new, red, Moss cat T-shirt when I went walking, and all the other Streetwalkers wanted a red shirt, too.  I told them to go see Tim Finn at The Finn Gallery.  Tim is my former gallery manager who now has his own gallery.  He’s such a big help to me when I’m in town, and I’ve enjoyed going over to his gallery every day to do some last minute signing.

I’ve heard that the Moss Museum’s Christmas program was very successful.  Last Saturday around 75 people came to see storyteller Susan Clark and the Valley Music Academy.  Santa Claus even came and participated in singing “The Twelve Days of Christmas”!  What a treat!  The P. Buckley Moss Foundation for Children’s Education sponsored the event.

Santa Claus with the Valley Music Academy (top) and storyteller Susan Clark (bottom) paid a visit to the P. Buckley Moss Museum to present a program for children and their parents.

This is my last newsletter before Christmas; and, I wish everyone a peaceful, happy holiday, filled with the joy and spirit of the season—and to our soldiers and their families, our gratitude to them for giving up their time with their families for us and for the children of Iraq.



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