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Dear Friends:

I was most honored to receive my fourth honorary degree last Saturday. My youngest daughter Ginny and I drove up from Waynesboro last Friday to Shippensburg, Pennsylvania, to attend Shippensburg University’s Winter Commencement where I received an honorary doctorate for public service.

During the Hooding Ceremony, Pat receives herHonorary Doctorate from Shippensburg University President, Anthony Ceddia.

Pictured with Pat, left to right, are Jeffrey W. Coy, retired State House Representative and current Commissioner of the Pennsylvania Gaming Commission; Anthony Ceddia, President, Shippensburg University; and Ken Shoemaker, Chair of the Council of Trustees.

After the ceremony I signed the new Shippensburg University prints that were released that day and, at the urging of a few, signed some of the prints “Dr. P. Buckley Moss.” That felt very strange, because in my mind I’m just Pat. While I am always grateful to receive the many honors that are bestowed upon me, I know that these honors are not entirely for me. I could not do what I do without the help and support of my friends and collectors and also the Boards of Directors of the Society and the Foundation. I greatly appreciate the time, thought, and care that each person gives to help make the lives of children a little happier and easier. God bless each and every one of you.

It felt strange to Pat to sign some of her prints of Shippensburg University "Dr. P. Buckley Moss". Here she is assisted by Leslie Folmer Clinton, Associate Vice President for Student Affairs for
Campus Programs and Director of the Performing Arts Center. Proceeds from the sale of Pat's print benefit the Performing Arts Center.

On the way back, we stopped in Luray, Virginia and had dinner at my son John’s restaurant. It was fun to be able to pop in on him and have him cook for us. We made it back to Waynesboro just ahead of an incredible blast of arctic air! It came through Saturday evening, and the temperature dropped like a rock. My staff in Mathews received a light dusting of snow and the same bitter temperatures, but it didn’t snow in Waynesboro. That’s quite a reversal, because it usually snows in Waynesboro and not in Mathews! The cold didn’t deter last minute shoppers at the Museum who came Sunday and Monday to have me sign for them.

Pat chats with collectors doing their last minute Holiday shopping at the Museum.

The Museum had a special treat Monday when Lori and Jonathan Sharley performed wonderful Christmas and classical music for us. Lori, Jonathan’s mother, played the piano and the cello, and Jonathan also played the piano and the French horn. Lori plays with both the Waynesboro Symphony and the Cello Chums, and Jonathan performs with the C.F. Richards Academy Bell Choir, which performed during the Barn Show a couple weeks ago. They played such beautiful music, and I know my mother had to have been listening from Heaven. Gran Liz would have been thrilled to see Jonathan and Lori playing “her piano” with such grace.

Lori Sharley and her 13 year old son Jonathan play the piano and french horn for visitors at the Museum. Lori plays with the Waynesboro Symphony and the Cello Chums. Jonathan performs with The C.F. Richards Academy Bell Choir, Staunton, Vriginia.

I was thrilled this year to be able to attend the Museum’s staff Christmas party. In years past, my travels have taken me away from both the Distribution Center in Mathews and the Museum in Waynesboro, but this year is different and I had a terrific time with the Museum staff. Everyone brought a dish, including my Italian son-in-law and Museum Director Corrado who brought some yummy pasta. I’m afraid I might have gained back a couple pounds this holiday season, but it’s been worth it!

Pat, on the far right, enjoys an evening with the Museum staff on the stairs at Pat's Barn. Dixie Stoddard, recently retired from the staff, sits front and center.

I want to take this opportunity to wish long-time Museum employee and friend Dixie Stoddard a happy retirement. Dixie just retired from working at the Museum, and she will be missed by us all.

Well, I’m off to Radford and my daughter Mary’s house for Christmas. A very merry Christmas to all!


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