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Dear Friends:

Back in October I told you about a special raffle, sponsored by the Moss Museum and the P. Buckley Moss Society, to benefit a Waynesboro, Virginia, family facing steep medical bills. I am so pleased to report that the raffle was an outstanding success, raising $7,500.00, and I was delighted to be on hand to draw the winning raffle ticket. Juanita Marlett of Amissville, Virginia, was the happy winner of the framed Palace Ride etching. Thank you, Juanita, and everyone else who participated in this very worthy fundraiser.

Pat draws the winning ticket for Palace Ride, the etching which is pictured here on the wall behind her. With Pat are, from the left, Chris Odgen, Jane Glenn, Bonnie Stump, [Pat], Karen Mowen, Fran West, and Museum Director, Corrado Gabellieri.

The Museum celebrated the spirit of the Christmas season this past weekend by hosting a children's program with storyteller Susan Blanton and The Valley Children's Choral Society. The program was sponsored by the P. Buckley Moss Foundation for Children's Education. Susan opened the program and had her audience spellbound, as usual. She even had the children up on their feet and interacting with her stories. One of the stories she told was about a family that couldn't blow out a candle because of how their mouths were formed and eventually it took the entire family to blow it out. The children were so cute blowing out of first one side of their mouths and then the other!

Storyteller Susan Blanton keeps her audience, (both the young and the not-so-young), spellbound on the main exhibition floor of the P. Buckley Moss Museum.

The Valley Children's Choral Society was excellent! Their youngest member is five years old, and he had a solo during one of the songs. At the end of the program there was a Christmas Carol Sing-Along, with the whole audience participating.

The Valley Children's Choral Society was excellent!

I want to share with you part of an e-mail message The Moss Portfolio received from collectors I met at The Art Loft in Collinsville, Illinois, at their show in September. Their kind words about this year's annual Christmas print really touched my heart: "I wanted to thank (Pat) for the beautiful Holiday print this year. I have several of Pat's Christmas prints and think that this is, by far, one of the most beautiful pieces Pat has done. We have many of Pat's other prints and enjoy them all, but this brings us back to the real meaning of Christmas. Please thank Pat for breaking from tradition to coming out with this wonderful print." Mike Spears and Kevin Sturgess, Dallas, Texas.

A Child is Born.

I wish to thank you all for your support this year, both of me and of the work of the Society and the Foundation. Best wishes for a wonderful Christmas, filled with the spirit and joy of the season! Let's keep in our prayers those we've loved and can't put our arms around.


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