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Dear Friends:
It’s Christmas!  I wish all of my “extended Moss family” a very happy Christmas, with lots of love shared with family and friends and wonderful memories to treasure.
For this week’s newsletter, I’d like to share my favorite Christmas memory with you.  When my sister Mary, whom I call Honey, and I were in our late teens, we decided at the last minute one Christmas Eve to go into the city.  We lived on New York’s Staten Island, and we took the train to the ferry that would take us to Battery Park.  From there we took the subway to Macy’s.  The subway had a stop right at Macy’s—and another of my favorite memories is the raisin cakes that my mother used to buy at the stand right where the subway comes up.  Honey and I had the best time walking around in the snow and looking at the lights.  We saw our Uncle Frank Panno, who was my mother’s brother.  He was the only boy out of ten children.  He offered to take us to dinner, and we were so thrilled.  No one took kids out to dinner in those days, so this was a special treat and an extra special one on Christmas Eve.  It’s such a wonderful memory for me.
I received the nicest Christmas present from Honey this year.  It’s a calendar that’s all about sisters and the special love, trust, and bond they share.  Sisters share experiences that even best friends don’t have, and it’s such a special relationship.

Sisters—a lifetime of shared love and memories.  L. to R.:  me and Honey, circa 1938.

Merry Christmas…with love!

Brrrr!  I can hardly wait ’til Florida!  It was 17F at my daughter Mary’s house this past weekend, and her husband Kerry and the kids got in the hot tub, which is outside on the deck.  They invited me in with them, and I told them, “No way!”  They actually ran across the deck in their bare feet and bathing suits!  L. to R.:  Granddaughters Kate and Sarah.

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