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I hope this holiday brings you happiness and that you are with those you love. I wish that all people could share our joy as we celebrate the birth of Jesus but for many this is a time of hunger and hardship. My prayers are for those who suffer sadness and pain at this time.

Working in her Studio.
Pat paints in her studio in Panama.

I have spent most of this week in my studio working on small paintings for prints and ornaments. I am enjoying myself and from the comments of those who have seen the contents of the package I sent back last week, I am confident that you will be pleased when you see the results.

Feeding a baby goat.
Pat helps feed the baby goats on the farm.

I took a break to go to the farm and help feed three baby goats whose mother has rejected them. They are adorable. Just like all babies are. I also did some last-minute shopping in a local craft store.

Last minute Christmas shopping.
Some last-minute shopping in Panama.

On Christmas day I will be cooking a ham for the old folks home and then at noon Malcolm and I will be serving the residents their lunch. After that we will be putting through calls to our children and grandchildren.

Happy Holidays and Love to you all.

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