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Dear Friends:

I've had a wonderful Christmas! I started out in St. Petersburg, Florida, and now I'm back in Virginia. My children begged me to come up for Christmas, and we found a really cheap plane ticket for Christmas Day—I couldn't resist! I arrived early enough for Christmas dinner in Waynesboro at my daughter Ginny's house. Along with Ginny, her husband Corrado Gabellieri, and their children Picco and Chiara, there were my daughter Mary Donnelly, her husband Kerry, and their children Kate, Sarah, and Sean and my children's father Jack Moss and his wife Malone. It was a lot of fun.

Here I am with 1/3 of my children, l. to r., son-in-law Corrado, daughter Ginny, me, daughter Mary, and son-in-law Kerry.

My flight back to St. Pete is scheduled for Saturday. On Thursday I visited my son John and his wife Maureen at the Artesian Grill near Luray, Virginia. John is the chef there and had a little time before preparing the dinner menu to sit down and have lunch with us. After lunch I was off to Radford, Virginia, to catch my granddaughter Sarah's basketball game. I love to watch her play.

Here I am with 1⁄2 of my grandchildren, l. to r., Picco, Kate, Sean, me, Sarah, and Chiara.

Before leaving for Virginia Christmas morning, I attended two Christmas Eve church services in St. Pete. One was a children's service, and their voices were so sweet and beautiful when they sang. They filled me with the spirit and meaning of Christmas. The second service included a rock choral performance that was fantastic and energizing. Boy! Did that fill me with the spirit! It was the kind of experience I would have loved to have shared with friends.

As a new year approaches and I reflect on the past several years, I am most thankful for my family, friends, and staff and for their love and support. I am also very grateful and thankful for all those who work and care for children. I would like to give a special thanks to teachers and to all those involved with the P. Buckley Moss Society—the members, the chapters all over the country that do so much fundraising for children, the staff, and the Board of Directors—and the staff and Board of Directors of the P. Buckley Moss Foundation for Children's Education. Together we are building a better world through education and understanding and helping children to gain confidence and self-esteem. I'm so very proud of the Foundation's annual Creative Mind Conference for teachers and how it is spreading the word about the importance of the incorporation of the arts into school curricula for all children and especially for those with learning differences.

I pray that 2008 will bring peace and healing to the world.

Happy New Year!



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