Merry Christmas & Happy New Year!

It was a great Christmas and great to be with family!  We gathered at my daughter Mary’s house in Radford, Virginia, on Christmas Eve.  In addition to Mary’s family, there were Ginny and her family and Patty and her friend Mary Morgan.  We missed having Becky and her family, Chris and his family, and John and his wife Maureen with us, but we wished one another a Merry Christmas over the phone and Skype.

The family at Christmas, L. to R.:  My granddaughter Kate, son-in-law Kerry, me, granddaughter Sarah, daughter Ginny, Mary Morgan, daughter Mary, granddaughter Chiara, daughter Patty, grandson Picco, and son-in-law Corrado.  Not pictured is grandson Sean.

My girls and their girls, L. to R.:  Mary’s daughter Kate, Ginny’s daughter Chiara, Mary’s daughter Sarah, me, Mary, Ginny, and Patty.

Some of Mary’s neighbors came over Christmas Eve, and I wish you could have seen the looks on their children’s faces when Santa Claus stopped by.  They were enthralled!

With our Santa Claus, L. to R.:  Patty, me, Santa, Mary, and Ginny.

My grandchildren, L. to R.:  Sarah, Sean, & Kate Donnelly; me; and Picco and Chiara Gabellieri.

The “kiddie” table?  Babies no more, my grandchildren now bring their boyfriends and girlfriends to family dinners—all are welcome!

Mary and I left around 5:00 Monday morning and started driving to Florida.  So, here I am in St. Pete to see in the New Year!

I’d like to say a special “Welcome home!” to our soldiers who were able to get home in time to celebrate with their families.  For those who weren’t able to get home, “Thank you for all that you sacrifice for us!”  I imagine there was a lot of Skyping going on this season.

May 2012 be a joyous year for us all!


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