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Dear Friends:
It’s wonderful to be back in my Florida studio and working again.  I’ll have about three months of concentrated painting time, and I’m raring to go.  God bless America and the diverse climate it offers us.  I especially love Florida in the wintertime, because I can walk and I can work in the most beautiful light.  It’s also great to have fruit and vegetables in the winter that are fresh and full of flavor.
I spent some time with members of my family in Radford and Waynesboro, Virginia, just before Christmas and went back to my home in Mathews to spend a quiet Christmas there.  It was nice to be quiet and focus on packing what I wanted to take with me to Florida.  I flew down the day after Christmas, and most of my family is following me down to spend New Year’s with me and share in the beautiful weather.  It’s going to be fun!
I wish all of you a wonderful, peaceful, prosperous New Year!  We must believe in our country and work for it and for one another.  Blessings to all!

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