Dear Friends:

Christmas is over, and I’m so happy to be back in my studio working on my Valentine’s print.  It was a joyous Christmas with the family, some of whom came from as far away as Atlanta, Georgia, and Jordan.  My granddaughter Sarah’s husband A.J. has been away for a year, and it is so wonderful to have him back with us safe and sound.  We are very grateful to our servicemen and women who make it possible for us to enjoy a safe Christmas with family.

My daughter Mary surprised me with a live tree this year.  I haven’t had time to unpack my decorations, so Mary had everyone in the family send me an ornament.  A dear, dear friend even gave me a marine insignia.

It is so nice to be travelling less for a few months.  Of course, I’m getting ready for my Quilt Camp at Sea Cruise to Australia and New Zealand in February, and I already have my watercolors and pad packed and hope to have the joy of painting another beautiful part of our world.

My son Chris will be down to run our gallery in Blacksburg, Virginia, for about a week starting around January 6.  I’m looking forward to having him with us.

Happy New Year and happy winter, everyone!  I hope it is as peaceful as mine promises to be.

’Til next week…


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