Dear Friends:

God bless Iowa and the cold and the snow and the wonderful people who came out for the reception with Iowa Public Television this past Sunday evening!  I must give a special thanks to the group of Rotarians, led by Jacque Andrews, who volunteered to man the phones and take pledges, as well as the staff of Iowa Public Television.  What a delightful, hardworking, comfortable family to be with!

The wonderful Rotarians who volunteered to answer the phones and take pledges during my live broadcast with Iowa Public Television.

For a donation, viewers of Iowa Public Television can receive my new giclée
Ever Vigilant.  For more information, please click here or call Friends of Iowa Public Television at 515-725-9800.

With host Jennifer Konfrst Sunday night.

For a second year in a row, I made it out of Iowa on a Monday morning in early March.  This time, however, I didn’t make it to my destination of Roanoke, Virginia, due to ice and snow.  My flight was rerouted to Newport News, so I am back home with my Moss Portfolio family in Mathews.  U.S. Air has been wonderful in rerouting my recent flights due to bad weather.  Spring is coming, though, and maybe I can get out and walk again.  The snow is melting—please, God, no more snow!

Karen Zimmerman of New Haven, IN, shared this picture of her grouping of my skating pieces.  Karen is a former competitive skater.

If you would like to go on the Society’s trip to San Francisco and California’s wine country at the end of August (August 29-September 5) with us, please get in touch with Bonnie-Lou Binnig at 727-786-1960 or  You may also contact our travel professional, Johan van Zyl, President, Curlew Travel, at 727-789-1771 or  My February 19 newsletter included more information on the trip, and it really sounds wonderful.  I’m looking forward to getting to know San Francisco and the wine country.  Even if you don’t drink wine, it’s a beautiful region to see.

Stay warm and pray for spring!



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