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Dear Friends,

This week in one of my breaks from painting, I went with Malcolm to the farm. While there, we visited the bush school that serves the elementary age children living around the lagoon.

Pat at Panama Bush School.
Pat and Arelene together with the two teachers and one of the parents.

We took with us Arelene, one the volunteer teachers in our English program who wanted to join us in seeing what could be done to help the school. In the photo you see Arelene and me with two of the school's three teachers. We are visiting the two room wooden shack the teachers call home from Monday to Friday. It is in bad state of repair and we decided to help with the purchase of new zinc to replace the leaking roof.

In the second photo I am with a mare and her foal, the two most recent additions to the farm animals. The tall grass you see is called Tiawan grass and is rich in protein.

Pat on the Farm in Panama.
Pat visits with the latest arrivals on the Panamanian farm, a mare and foal.

With just ten days to go before heading back for the October show at my barn/studio in Waynesboro, I am working at completing several paintings, including the St. Petersburg scene you saw in last week's letter.

After the Barn Show, I head first to the Foundation's conference in Morganstown, West Virginia and then on October 25th to Lancaster for the start of our Collector's Convention. I am looking forward to seeing some of you at these events.



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